Great Children’s Picture Books

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This was an article that I originally wrote on 1 August 2014. I will from time to time share old posts that were well received on the previous version of my blog. The images are all from Amazon. Earlier this week, for some unknown reason, I was googling picture books that I remember loving as a child. […]

Jeremy Clarkson is the news again

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The BBC gave Jeremy Clarkson his marching orders today, or as the news has been described in other outlets, “his contract has not been renewed”. The whole story has been slightly tedious and while part of me felt like writing about Zayn Malik, I resisted, as the Jeremy Clarkson topic was a bigger media topic. Top Gear was by […]

Vice chancellor says 50% of schools l...

Brunel University, vice chancellor, Professor Julia Buckingham

Primary and secondary schools do not have the materials needed to provide good practical teaching, according to Brunel University’s vice chancellor, Julia Buckingham. Speaking at a roundtable discussion organised by the Daily Telegraph and BAE systems, she discussed the importance of inspiring young people to take science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects. Professor Buckingham told the panel that Brunel was […]

Budget 2015: List of education plans ...

UK Budget, HM Treasury, UK politics

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, made a few references to education today as he delivered the 2015 Budget, the coalition’s final one before May’s general election. In the Budget, he said the following: The government will introduce a package of measures to broaden and strengthen support for postgraduate researchers (including both masters and PhDs). One of these […]

The Public Affairs module


  For those studying the NCTJ Diploma, there are five compulsory modules that students are expected to take. One of them is Public Affairs. This module teaches students how government works at a local and national level. It covers topics such as the British Constitution and Monarchy, the electoral system, the NHS, the structure of local […]


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The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is the body that provides training for those interested in working in print, particularly those looking for a job at a local newspaper. There are a variety of exams that the body offers, but the NCTJ syllabus usually taught to trainees as the standard entry requirement for […]

In their (school) shoes: interviews


Welcome to the In Their (School) Shoes section, where I profile an individual and take a look back at their school days. The first profile will be up in a few weeks, but you will have to keep visiting the site to find out who the first person will be… Thanks for visiting and remember […]


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Welcome to the Edu Blog section of the website. Here you will find blog posts on things related to different areas of education. With such a broad definition, content will encompass a wide variation of topics. In some ways, it is a continuation of my previous (and now defunct) blog where I used to write opinion on […]

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