I’m currently a financial journalist in London. I also happen to be interested in the education sector.

I was a producer on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 and I’ve written for national newspapers. I love radio – hence the slightly naff “broadcast belle” moniker – but I have a soft spot for writing. I’ve read newspapers since I was four and written stories since I was about seven.

About the website

BroadcastBelle is an online resource for journalism students and anyone interested in government and the UK education system. I provide information, news, and blog posts. Something is published at least once a week (as of August 2015).

While this website is not solely for those studying the Essential Public Affairs module of the NCTJ, the information I give will follow some of the syllabus quite closely. I was already interested in politics before I studied the course, but I recognised that the content in the textbook was good for a beginner.

When I was doing my masters, there weren’t many places online that provided nice simple explanations for things in my course. Books are beautiful, but can be quite detailed. Hopefully the site has digestible chunks of must-know info for journalists starting out.


A little more about me: I’ve been blogging since the start of 2011, when I was doing my first degree, but I overhauled this particular blog in the early part of 2015, to fine tune its focus.

I’ve studied from nursery through to a postgraduate degree, and for a vocational qualification too, so I’ve developed an interest in UK education, whether it’s policy, news coverage, or checking out what the education tweeters are saying online.

I enjoy listening to news and reading about other topics besides education, such as art, fashion, and popular culture.

I’m fond of Twitter. But being anonymous on there hasn’t quite worked out.

I love (but sometimes get irritated with) living in London. I’m trying to take as many photos as possible of street art here. I heard Bristol is good for that too.

London Street

I rarely blog about any political views that I personally hold. But things about “The Left” and “The Right” vex me.

Please note that I am not a teacher, have never been a teacher, and do not claim to know anything about teaching. I just remember being taught.

Thanks for checking out my site.